The Regional Leader of Training is responsible for the training and development of all staff within their assigned region. Their role is to supervise and support the Area Leaders of Training within their assigned region as they create and implement training systems for all business units. He or she is expected to be the subject matter expert of all training systems for all departments in the assigned region. RLTs should exemplify a training culture that reflects the company’s mission. They are expected to take direction from and report to the Divisional Leader of Training.

This position also requires Regional Leaders of Training to take ownership of the Restaurant Certification and Recertification Process by evaluating the training done in restaurants. He or she will also provide feedback to, as well as receive recommendations from, the Regional Leader of Operations.

What We Are Looking For:

Passionate, people-first leaders who are intelligent, driven, high-energy, and able to motivate their teams. You give high-fives for a living? Perfect! We want leaders who want to develop effective training processes and procedures as well as an environment conducive to learning for all staff in their region. Someone who motivates staff in their region to be successful in their roles.

Regional Leaders of Training are responsible for leading an effective team of Area Leaders of Training. They are expected to lend their expertise and insight to Area Leaders of Training as they analyze, design, develop, implement and evaluate the process and procedures in Training Restaurants and other business units. Candidates should have the ability to identify gaps in training procedures of all business units within the region and implement new solutions so that all staff exemplifies the core values of the company.

He or she will provide coaching as needed to their Area Leaders of Training as they work towards clear and achievable goals and create a working environment conducive to learning. An ideal candidate will collaborate and identify when additional training is needed and implement coursework, programs and systems to address any issues. They should take an active role in the screening, hiring and onboarding of Area Leaders of Training.

In order to ensure that restaurants are abiding by the best training practices, Regional Leaders of Training are expected to accompany Area Leaders of Training in evaluating restaurant operations and training processes. When visiting restaurants, we want Regional Leaders to establish and maintain an environment conducive to onboarding, training and retaining crew members and managers. They are to act as resources to restaurants as Restaurant Training Teams coach Managers, Certified Trainers, and other positions within the region.



  • Must reside within Regional Office Base
  • Able to travel 50% – 70% (car and air travel)


Desired Experience and Skills

  • Operations Experience in the retail or restaurant industries.
  • Ability to identify problems.
  • Ability to set goals and convert plans to action.
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Excellent speaking and presentation skills.
  • Open to feedback and willing to self-improve.
  • Ability to exercise good judgment when decision making.
  • Willing to travel.

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