Area Training Managers (ATMs) are responsible for ensuring that training standards are well-met in their assigned area and play a supportive role while MITs and Advanced Crew Members work through their individual training.  Once training is complete, ATMs are expected to verify that all credentials are met and validate certifications and recertifications.

What We Are Looking for:

Passionate, people-first leaders who are intelligent, driven, high-energy, and able to motivate staff. You give high-fives for a living? Perfect! We want someone who is willing to become the staff’s strongest advocate for the very best training experience as they pursue their professional development goals.

Area Training Managers are responsible for conducting restaurant visits as well as ensuring that training processes are executed in a proper manner across their assigned area. They report to and work closely with their assigned Regional Training Manager and Business Unit Leaders to instill training goals for restaurants as well as develop effective training initiatives that align with those set goals. ATMs are expected to provide feedback on development plans to ensure that all staff have an opportunity to get the training they need to excel in their job as well as work towards a set career path within the company.

ATMs must have the capability to look at a training program as a whole and objectively assess its effectiveness. When gaps in the training process are identified, they must be able to produce and execute a plan that consists of clear objectives, outcomes, and follow-up measurements to ensure they are being properly addressed. They are also responsible for ensuring that all restaurants are upholding training standards through the Training Restaurant Certification as well as the Annual Recertification process. In the event of NROs, Area Training Managers are expected to take part in the pre- and post-opening activities, including restaurant visits at the 15, 30, 60 and 120 day-mark.

In addition to evaluating training procedures, Area Training Managers evaluate the performance of MIT at each training phase via a combination of phone, email and face to face interaction. Once training has been successfully completed, they are responsible for submitting a Training Transition Plan for each candidate and verify that he/she has completed the training program successfully.

ATMs are also responsible for supporting the training process of Advanced Crew Members as they work towards their certifications and cross-training goals. In order to ensure all trainers within the area are using best practices, ATMs are responsible for keeping Trainers up-to-date on any program changes that may occur. This includes the scheduling and execution of Certified Training Manager classes as well as tracking certifications and taking part in “Train the Trainer” when there is a company rollout. Area Training Managers will also be asked to partner with the Business Unit Leader when conducting training sessions for the Restaurant Leader.


  • Must participate in meetings and training sessions at the RSO, restaurants, and off-site
  • Must reside within assigned area
  • Able to travel 50% – 70% (car and air travel)
  • High School Diploma (College Degree Preferred)
  • Training certifications desired

Desired Experience and Skills:

  • 2 years Operations Management experience in the hospitality field (quick service or fast casual, preferred)
  • Ability to lead, motivate, and empower crew members and managers
  • Ability to set goals and convert plans to action
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills
  • Excellent communication kills
  • Excellent speaking and presentation skills
  • Open to feedback and willing to self-improve
  • Ability to exercise good judgment when decision making
  • Strong time management skills
  • Strong organization and follow-up skills
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

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